L’Objet Petit a

31 MAY 2022 - 25 JUNE 2022, Ended 12:00 AM (UK time)

American artist Natacha Merritt is the founder of Operation PinkBus: a humanitarian evacuation mission that has to-date saved 15,000 lives and delivered over 100 tons of aid in Ukraine. 

L’Objet Petit a, is a resin coated perfectly preserved 1999 VW minivan from Natacha Merritt's PinkBus fleet of rescue vehicles. The minivan carries with it the marks of what it takes to save lives: mud from the field's of Donetsk, bullet holes, shattered glass and ‘Fuck Putin’ inscribed in Ukrainian in the dust of the rear window. In capturing these moments in resin, the American artist Natacha Merritt has transformed the minivan into a historical relic and monument to the heroic efforts of all volunteers that have risked their lives in the evacuations. 

The proceeds of the auction will go directly to the sourcing of vehicles, materials, and Ukrainian manpower. Our Ukrainian partners continue to need vans to transport resources, and funds for the related costs such as gasoline. Operation PinkBus is now hiring Ukrainian drivers (supporting job creation) and providing them with basic first aid training. 

We will be helping the Ukrainians with mobile medical relief efforts and emergency rescues as needed. In recently liberated eastern regions we will convoy large amounts of medical aid and food, and fund transatlantic gathering and delivery of donations of ambulances and meals. Our immediate rebuilding projects range from rebuilding urgently needed school roofs and hospital windows, and small yet critical rural river crossings.

Please note, the highest bidder is kindly asked to provide L’Objet Petit a to the city of Kyiv to be on display for victory day when the invasion of Ukraine has come to an end. 

Operation PinkBus
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L’Objet Petit a Auction
Timed Auction Ends: 
- 4.00 pm (PDT - Los Angeles, 25 June) 
- 12.00 am (GMT+1 - London, 26 June) 
- 1.00 am (GMT+2 - Paris, 26 June) 

Photograph Auction
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1. Natacha Merritt
L’Objet Petit a
Sculpture, 470 x 180 x 190 cm.
Estimate:$250,000 - 500,000
Auction Ended
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