Stella Artois: The Pub Renaissance

22 MARCH 2023 - 07 APRIL 2023
Horse and Jockey
Horse and Jockey
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7. Mattia Guarnera

Horse & Jockey

Acrylic on canvas
100 x 75 x cm.
Created in 2023


£2,000 - 5,000

This auction has now ended

Stella Artois: The Pub Renaissance (7/11)



UAL Camberwell University Of Art, 45-65 Peckham Rd, London, SE5 8UF
September 2017
Distinction Foundation Diploma - (September 2017 -August 2018
First Class BA Diploma - (September 2019 - June 2022)


2015 - Collaborative C1 Project - Goldsmiths University, SE14 6NW
2019 - Flying Dutchman, London, SE5 7SY (December 4th); Reggae Festival - Fox N Firkin, London, SE13 6JZ (June 22nd)
2020- What´s Not Being Said- South London Gallery, London, SE5 8UH (January 22nd - 29th); Don’t Panic - Southwark Park Galleries / Dilston Gallery, London, SE16 2DD (January 25th - 26th)
2021 - Who To Blame - Serving the People Virtual Exhibition; Blast Room III- Holy Art, Virtual Exhibition January 5th; Floor Exh 07 - Virtual Exhibition; Livesey Exchange Exhibition Weekend - 135A Bird in Bush road, London, SE15 1QP (July 10th - 11th); Peckham art Festival - Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN (September 17th - 19th); Permanent Temporary - (London Design Festival) The Bottle Factory, 12 Ossory Rd, London SE1 5AN (September 24th - 26th); The Horses Mouth (Live Crit) - The Bomb Factory, 9-15 Elthorne Rd, Archway, London N19 4AJ (October 12th); Paradise Mind - Peckham Levels, 95A Rye Ln, London SE15 4ST (October 23rd); “Football Crazy Football Madness - Pattern Of Play, Hoxton Arches, Arch 402 Cremer St, London E2 8HD (November 18th - 21st); Gift - A.P.T Gallery, 6 Creekside, London SE8 4SA (November 18th - 28th); EN-GER-LAND - Oof Gallery, Warmington House, 744 High Road, London, N17 0AP (December 3 - March 1st 2022); Hyper-contemporary - Hasbrook Gallery, Virtual Exhibition (December 17th)
2022 - We’r Watching You pt.2 - South Paek Gallery,  1 Park Approach, Southwark Park, London SE16 2UA (February 12th - 13th); Hyper-contemporary - Hasbrook Gallery,  Real Tinsel , 1013-1015 W Historic Mitchell St, Milwaukee, WI 53204, United States (March 16th - 30th); Imagining Otherwise - The Who Gallery/ Harlesden Gallerey - The Who Gallery, 23 Grafton St, London, W1S 4EY (May 23rd-June 12th); Degree Show - Camberwell London University Of Arts, 45-65 Peckham Rd, London ,SE5 8UF (June 20th- 23rd); Anga - Forever Good, 54 Druid St, London SE1 2EZ (June 25th - 27th); In The House Of Babylon - Harlesden Gallery, 57 High St, London NW10 4NJ (July 21st -11th September); The Feast For The Eyes - StART Art Fair Seoul, Sung Dong Gu, Seoul sup 2 gil (September 1st - September 6th); Open House - Better Go South Berlin, Brunnenstrasse 25B Berlin, Germany (September 17th - 18th)


Boooom Artist Spotlight -
Create! Magazine Issue #27 -
So Young Issue 44 -
It’s Nice That -
Perception Of The Body With Mattia Guarnera -
Newcity ART -


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