Studio Sale 2023 | Anna Mac

20 JANUARY 2023 - 06 FEBRUARY 2023
Colour conversation no.13 Colour conversation no.13 Colour conversation no.13
Colour conversation no.13
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8. Anna Mac

Colour conversation no.13

Signed and dated (on reverse)
Acrylic on wood panel 
13cm x 18cm x 2cm
Can be hung landscape or portrait
Painted in 2022
This work is unique


£150 - 200

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale 2023 | Anna Mac (8/10)


b.1986, Anna Mac is a British Contemporary Artist.

Heavily inspired by colour and how colour converses with not only other colours but also the viewer. It is not just about the colour and the combination, it is about the quantity and location in relation to one another. Finding that perfect balance is a never ending exciting experiment. 

Anna explores the simple lines and shapes in her immediate surroundings particularly architecture and interior scenes, which is then broken down into blocks of colour. With unnecessary detail omitted, this allows the colours of light and shadow to be emphasised.  

Anna’s paintings are in private collections around the world including USA, Canada, Australia, Peru, Europe and the UK. 

Exhibitions include: (2021) Solo show, Inside Out, Hoxton 253 Gallery, London (2021), Secret Postcard, Combat Stress Charity Auction, Bonhams, London (2021), Small Wonders, Hoxton 253 Gallery, London (2020), This is Limited, Well Hung Gallery, London (2020), Choose Art | Give Light to Refugees, Auction (2020) Art for Cure, Suffolk (2020), Construct, Well Hung Gallery, London (2020),  The Palm Beach Show, USA (2020). 
Selected press: Creatives on Creativity, Luster Books (2021)


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