Studio Sale 2023 | Ben Allen

20 JANUARY 2023 - 06 FEBRUARY 2023
Mickey Meditation Canvas in studio on completion. Shows true scale.
Mickey Meditation
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1. Ben Allen

Meditation Mickey

Signed and dated verso. (Stencil logo front.)
Spray paint, acrylic and emulsion on canvas.
200 x 210 x 4.5 cm

Available unframed only.


£6,500 - 10,500

This auction has now ended

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Ben’s paintings, murals and screen prints occupy a space between street art, graffiti, abstraction, graphic design, pop culture, modernism and comic strips. It’s an oeuvre which is best described as Contemporary Pop Art. Using a range of materials including acrylic, household paints, spray paint, screen printing, markers, comic books, digital print, billboard papers and US currency, he makes diverse, intuitive and boldly subversive imagery.  

Ben’s work is built on a foundation of experience, freedom of thought, experimentation and an  ‘emotional synesthesia’. Music is vital to the creative process and the vibrant colours and abstracted forms of his evocative paintings.

The way he feels is reflected in each brush stroke, splatter or sprayed form, and these actions become an unselfconscious monitor of his mood and energy. Despite this intensity, the finished result is always considered and Ben will work on a number of canvases at any one time, moving between them, adding layers and references until he finds a resolution. 

Ben has worked on a range of bespoke interior design projects from the UK to India and his artwork has been used by a wide following of clients and high-end brands including N.M.E. Magazine, Vans, Converse, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Levis, Virgin, Jamie Oliver, Channel 5, Nokia, Estrella Galicia and Subliminal Records. 


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