Studio Sale | Alex McIntyre

27 JUNE 2022 - 14 JULY 2022
Walking in Cornwall III Context image Frame detail back of artwork showing information and signature surface detail
Walking in Cornwall III
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13. Alex McIntyre

Walking in Cornwall III

Signed and titled (on the reverse, lower right)
 Light fast acrylic ink on traditional gesso ground and sealed cardboard, fixed to gessoed backing board and hand framed by the artist using reclaimed floorboards approx 100 years old. Framed dimensions 38 x 61cm 


£250 - 450

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Alex McIntyre (13/20)


In 2014 Alex moved to Hertfordshire from London. Almost overnight, her practice changed from work relating to the human figure, to explorations of land and sky. She spent the autumn and spring getting up in the morning in the dark and running through the dawn. This was, in part, a way to acclimatise to her surroundings and understand the new landscape. During these runs she discovered the relationship of movement, creativity and the importance of light. 

This is one of a series of rustic drawings in light fast acrylic ink on gessoed cardboard, hand framed by the artist using reclaimed floorboards approximately 100 years old. These pieces are imperfectly raw, physical, and have a vintage feel.

It is one of the only ones remaining from this period. It was shown in the exhibition with The Other Art Fair in 2015 where she first began to receive attention for her work.

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