Studio Sale | Alex McIntyre

27 JUNE 2022 - 14 JULY 2022
You must know green from green Painting in context detail of painting surface edge of painting showing bare wood Back of painting showing earlier title and duration of making
You must know green from green
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8. Alex McIntyre

You Must Know Green From Green

Signed and titled (on the reverse, lower right)
Light fast acrylic ink and traditional gesso ground on artist panel
40 x 60cm


£720 - 1,200

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Alex McIntyre (8/20)


During the spring of 2020, Alex came across Kei Miller's poem To Know Green From Green. She carried it with her, thrumming in her veins as though the pulse of new spring growth all around her spoke. It is still a driving force, a command to look more closely, “To know the nearby bushes you must know green from green [….] and a million shades between”. 

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