Studio Sale | Kristina Chan

17 JANUARY 2022 - 09 FEBRUARY 2022
postscript no.6
postscript no.6
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17. Kristina Chan

postscript no.6

Lithography and monoprint
36 x 54 cm
Variable Edition of 6
This work is Framed.


£500 - 700

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Kristina Chan (17/22)


My Postscript series explores a train wreck in the midst of the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Created in conjunction with East London Printmakers and The Florence Trust, these prints explore the site as a cartographic palimpsest of traces, that coalesce to form a cartographic map of memory and its absence. The work invites us to experience a site from scales and time frames beyond our present moment: from the perspective not of years, but generations, and civilisations not our own.

The process itself becomes a narrative. It begins with the encounter and works backward. Experience, memory and history interweave to present a geographic trace through time. Fact presents as fiction, myths of our own making.

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