Studio Sale | Lena Brazin

17 JANUARY 2022 - 10 FEBRUARY 2022
'Liquor for Thought', 20x15cm, oil and acrylic on linen on limewood, 2021 'Liquor for Thought', 20x15cm, oil and acrylic on linen on limewood, 2021, daylight on the wall 'Liquor for Thought', 20x15cm, oil and acrylic on linen on limewood, 2021
'Liquor for Thought', 20x15cm, oil and acrylic on linen on limewood, 2021
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1. Lena Brazin

Liquor for Thought

Signed and dated (on the reverse). Inscribed ‘London, 2021’
Oil and acrylic on linen on limewood panel
20 x 15 cm.
Painted in 2021




£400 - 600

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Lena Brazin (1/22)


“Our favourite spot in a bar is at the bar.” 

Lena Brazin's expressive figurative paintings are an invitation to explore another reality, mystical, and spiritual themes of human life. Her intuitive approach to painting with vivid colour and bold drawing roots the viewer in the present moment where multiple layers of paint, with different paces of application, reflect the complexity of the visible reality that we live in. 

"My work is a fusion of the two seemingly disconnected worlds of Seen and Unseen. I would like the viewers to think beyond their material existence and to consider metaphysical themes of human experience as much as the ordinary everyday moments. My paintings embody and depict other dimensions of the consciousness which I also refer to as  „Materialised Immateriality“.


Education: Painting studio programme, Turps Art School, London, graduated in 2019

Recent exhibitions: A Chorus of Bodies, Liliya Art Gallery, London 2021; A tiny bit of Fire, Warbling Collective, London 2021; Coincidental Encounters (Solo), Four You Gallery, Dubai, UAE 2021; RA Summer Show 2020, Royal Academy of Arts, London 2020; Ancient Deities, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh 2020; FBA Futures 2020, Mall Galleries, London 2020; Exceptional graduate art award, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, 2020; Turps Painters 2019, Turps Gallery, London 2019; Artist of the Day, Flowers Gallery, London, 2018; Bow Open Show, Nunnery Gallery, London, 2018.

Brazin has been shortlisted for multiple prizes including FBA Futures, Exceptional Graduate Art Award, Jackson’s Painting Prize, and Bow Arts Open. Furthermore, her work is in the Soho House Collection as well as the hands of private collectors in France, Slovakia, Germany, the UK, the US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. 

In 2022 she will engage in a 2 months residency and a solo show in KYAN artist’s project space, Athens, GR. 

Lena Brazin (@lena_brazin)

Lena Brazin portfolio

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