Studio Sale | Nicola Morland

17 JANUARY 2022 - 08 FEBRUARY 2022
Nicola Morland_Puzzel 01 Nicola Morland_Puzzel 01 Nicola Morland_Puzzel 01
Nicola Morland_Puzzel 01
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2. Nicola Morland

Puzzel 01

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
40 x 50cm
Painted in 2021


£300 - 800

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Nicola Morland (2/13)


Nicola Morland is a London-based artist who works across painting, drawing and ceramics. Her artwork is and always has been focused around women. She is fascinated by the distinctive, yet subtle contours of the female form. Incorporating her graphic design background, she explores working with simplified geometric shapes and features of the human face and body, with an aim to express a range of raw emotions in playful and unexpected ways. 

These stripped-back portraits appear somewhat abstract, yet identifiable, expressing feelings such as loneliness, resilience, boredom, lust, disapproval and ecstasy. It’s all about minimalism, femininity, and expression. 


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Puzzel 05
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Auction Ended
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