Studio Sale | Poppy BH

17 JANUARY 2022 - 07 FEBRUARY 2022
Poppy BH, Stella Poppy BH, Stella (2)
Poppy BH, Stella
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4. Poppy BH


Signed and dated on the back
Oil pastel and pen on paper
8 x 6cm
framed 18.5 x 17cm
made in 2021


£160 - 240

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Poppy BH (4/21)


Hello! My name is Poppy BH. I am an illustrator based between London and Ireland. I didn’t go to a fancy art school – I didn’t even go to art school: I have just always really loved making things. 

I made the majority of these drawings in 2021, and when my mum bought a kiln back in January, I decided to turn some of them into ceramics for no other reason than it was REALLY FUN. 

If you would like to know more about me and my practice, please have a look at my website or instagram.

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