Surf Wood for Good

15 JUNE 2022 - 06 JULY 2022
Shell Swell Shell Swell detail Shell Swell detail Shell Swell detail
Shell Swell
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28. Sophie Brandon

Shell Swell

Shells on plywood board
120 x 30 x 0.9 cm
Created in 2022


£500 - 1,200

This auction has now ended

Surf Wood for Good (28/29)


Board description
Shell Swell originated from the depths of the ocean. From swell, to shore, to shells: a time capsule from a life in the ocean before washing ashore. Each shell and its unique curvature and colours individually placed to replicate the movement and depth of the ocean. A playful piece of nature and time: captured. 

Sophie Brandon
Sophie, aka Pigment On A Page, is an artist based in Newquay. Originally turning to oil painting after a difficult time in her life - as a way of being mindful and in the moment among the chaos of living in London - she paints portraits of pets and people in her spare time. One particular portrait of world-famous surfer Kelly Slater was endorsed by Slater himself: he featured the painting on his official Instagram as his profile photo in 2020 during lockdown. Having always had an affinity with the sea, finally living by the shoreline enabled Pigment On A Page to get creative with mussel shells she’d come across on her beach walks. From creating mussel shell wreaths, to this creation of Shell Swell for the Surf Wood For Good auction.

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