Terrence Higgins Trust - 2023, Timed Auction

27 FEBRUARY 2023 - 10 MARCH 2023
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16. Peter Jones


Oil on canvas
Height 30cm x width 30cm x depth 3cm
Signed and dated version


£750 - 1,000

This auction has now ended

Terrence Higgins Trust - 2023, Timed Auction (16/40)


Peter Jones was born in Birmingham and studied at Reading University. He now lives and works in London. Jones is best known for still-life paintings of vintage soft-toy animals which he collects for this purpose. Monkeys have been painted the most often, but lambs, dogs, birds and bunnies are favourite subjects too. 

Animals in art traditionally imply the beast within, but also variously symbolise by turns faith and faithfulness, innocence, playfulness, capriciousness and vulnerability. Jones says: “The particular symbolism of rabbits is rather well known, but because 2023 is the year of The Rabbit, Snowball the Bunny might bring extra good luck!”

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