THE ART PARTY - Timed Auction

12 APRIL 2023 - 27 APRIL 2023
Lindsay Dawn Keys Lindsay Dawn Keys
Lindsay Dawn Keys
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4. Lindsay Dawn


Oil and Acrylic on canvas
76.2 x 122 cm.

Donated By Arushi Kapoor


$4,500 - 8,000

This auction has now ended

THE ART PARTY - Timed Auction (4/29)


Lindsay Dawn is a Canadian self-taught artist living and working in Los Angeles; She began painting figurative work in her early teens. Her paintings reflected a fusion of her training and experience over time. In her current body of work, she seeks to question the unhealthy perception of the female body in modern society.

A cocktail of aesthetic notions informs Dawn’s practice as she depicts the female body in an abstract form. Her camouflaged spectrums stay true to her artistic intentions. Amid a flurry of riotous spraypaint, vivid backdrops are abstract muses in intimate positions shrouded by fragments of street art, from tag styled phrases to painted motifs, overtly emit a psychedelic curiosity for the observer. -

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18. Aayati Dash Kar
I'm Not Same; I'm Equal
Work on Paper, 40.64 x 40.64 cm.
Estimate:$1,500 - 3,000
Auction Ended
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Auction Ended
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Auction Ended
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