The Hands Up Foundation Fundraiser Curated by Cramer & Bell

20 MARCH 2023 - 31 MARCH 2023
Chesil Beach
Chesil Beach
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29. Norman Ackroyd

Chesil Beach

Image - 14.5 x 31cm
Paper - 22.5 x 37.5cm
This work is from an edition of 90.


£650 - 850

This auction has now ended

The Hands Up Foundation Fundraiser Curated by Cramer & Bell (29/72)


The spectacular 12 mile long pebble strand at Chesil with its inland lagoon dominates much of the southern shore of Dorest west of Portland Bill. The quarries at Portland supplied much of the stone for major London buildings including St Paul’s Cathedral. With its extensive safe harbour at the mouth of the river Blythe, and its many distinguished buildings, Southwold dominates this stretch of the North Sea coast. The Southwold lighthouse has long been fundamental to fishermen and to the East Anglia sea roads.

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