The Hands Up Foundation Fundraiser Curated by Cramer & Bell

20 MARCH 2023 - 31 MARCH 2023
Geofery Geofrey
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24. Kate Boxer


Drypoint and Chine collé
Plate - 24.5 x 24cm
Paper - 42 x 38cm 



£550 - 850

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The Hands Up Foundation Fundraiser Curated by Cramer & Bell (24/72)


Kate Boxer was born in Sussex in 1961. In the early 1990s she took classes in London art schools and has exhibited in galleries and at art fairs since 1994.

Kate’s unique style balances familiar subjects and a smart sense of wit. She shows animals and historical figures in quirky, fresh ways. Her delicately finished drypoints exhibit sophistication. 

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