The Jaka Project

15 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 02 OCTOBER 2023
Objectivities, 2021 Portrait ofthe artist
Objectivities, 2021
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45. Stacie McCormick


Oil on paper, 2021
59,5cm x 42,5cm
Signed on the back


£900 - 1,000

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The Jaka Project (45/76)



Stacie McCormick is Los Angeles-born and London-based. Creating paintings primarily on canvas and paper, producing works that are abstract & gestural. Using ink, acrylic and oil, her paintings are often referred to as hypnotic, meditative, powerfully calming. The appearance of spontaneity is rigorously studied, a result of over 30 years of work - ‘training’ her gesture. She earned her Masters in Fine Art from City & Guilds of London Art School and runs the non-profit art initiative Workshop Foundation, started in the US in 2009 and now based London since 2015. Stacie has a remarkable commitment to fellow artists, having sponsored over 120 artists and curators by providing space and time through residency and exhibition programmes.


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