The Jaka Project

15 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 02 OCTOBER 2023
Le Piano, 2093 Portrait of the artist
Le Piano, 2093
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69. Andrew McAlpine

Original concept drawing for the film ‘The Piano'- 1

Giclée print of drawing in charcoal
Original concept drawing for the film ‘The Piano, 1993’ Jane Campion
Edition of 5
40cm x 58cm
Unframed and signed


£300 - 500

This auction has now ended

The Jaka Project (69/76)


It depicts a house built from local timbers BUT surrounded by aggressively cut and burnt native timber. Just as in Brazil today.

I am a Film Production Designer and I’m employed to collaborate with the Dir. In this case Jane Campion, to provide visual matrix that drive’s the storyline in the script. Then practically actualise this vision with our talented fellow practitioners. Jane and I worked for over a year searching for the visual metaphors that we felt would best illuminate her film The Piano.

Part of this early imagining requires me drawing, often quite large in charcoal as this helps numerous other depts see the vision that we are looking to create. This is my vision looking back at Sam Neill’s new abode amongst the slash and burn “horror” landscape. This action was a common practice amongst the new settlers signalling to the Maori peoples that their sacred lands had been acquired, often for the exchange of blankets/guns etc 

This drawing is from 30yrs a go and has never been for sale, but I feel that this is the right cause that compliments my intentions with assisting the Kogi people.

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