Neill Clements, Blue, The Auction Collective Neill Clements, Blue, The Auction Collective Neill Clements, Blue, The Auction Collective
Neill Clements, Blue, The Auction Collective
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Neill Clements

Untitled (blue/pink)

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Linocut on paper
41.9 x 29.6 cm. 
Created in 2020
This work is from an edition of 10 plus one artist's proof.

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The last work from this edition will go to auction

The Lino Cut (6/18)


Neill Clements is a painter based in South London.

“One of Painting’s great strengths is its frankness: pigment applied to support; paint on a surface. It is not reliant on technology and it requires neither specialist knowledge nor mastery of esoteric technique. (Although of course it does not preclude these things.) This simplicity and openness is the likely reason it has endured and will, undoubtedly, continue to endure. The scope for variety and invention is massive while the basic foundations of the medium remain secure.

For me painting is about making and looking; process and the visual. My work stands on the belief that painting is at its most compelling when it addresses the specific strengths and unique abilities of the medium; when it concentrates on the fundamental.

Constructions of wood, cloth and pigment exist on their own terms, created out of an engagement with painting’s essential processes and from a passion for the medium and its history. Rather than a vehicle chosen to best deliver a message, the making is itself the project.

I am interested in creating work with a material and visual presence; tangible objects that invite scrutiny.” - Neill Clements

He studied at Staffordshire University (BA Hons Fine Art, 2004) and Wimbledon College of Art (MA Painting, 2009) and has exhibited across the UK and internationally.


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