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31 MAY 2021 - 24 JUNE 2021
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9. Christina Niederberger


Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Oil on canvas
60 x 50 x 3.5 cm.
Painted in 2020


£1,200 - 2,500

This auction has now ended

The Top 100 - Timed Auction (9/80)


“Penelope was painted during the first lockdown and is inspired by the work of Mondrian but in particular by Homer's account of Penelope in the Odyssey, how her weaving by day and unweaving by night is used here as a symbol for female self-determination and resistance. The first lockdown made me think about possibilities of depicting the passing of time, its apparent standstill and our waiting for better times to come just as Penelope waited for Odysseus - not without hope as, against all odds, she always remained certain of his eventual return.”- Christina Niederberger, 2021

I am interested in questions of how art and culture in general are shaped by perceptions of the masculine and feminine. By illusionistically mimicking the appearance of textile and, at times, even the weave of the fabric they are painted on, my paintings reference the traditional feminine domain of craft and design whilst their subject matter (often quotations from modernist abstraction) and their execution in oils allude to the historically male dominated notion of high art. 

Borrowing from both the vocabulary of modernism and textile to forge their own visual language, my paintings are hovering between abstraction and figuration, between subject and object and as such they can be read as hybrid texts, engaged in a process of interpretation between modernism and contemporary art, painting and textile and between the history of painting dominated by masculinity and a feminist perspective.

Christina is a Swiss artist and lives and works in London


Education: PhD, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK, 2009. MA, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2001 - 2002. BA (First Class), Byam Shaw School of Art, London, UK, 1993 - 1996.Foundation, Heatherleys School of Art, London, UK, 1992 - 1993.

Selected Solo Exhibitions: The Furture of Nostalgia, Union Gallery, London, UK / Common Thread, Visarte Zürich, CH, 2020. Resurfacing, Galerie Duflon&Racz, CH, 2019. Labour of Love, Galerie Duflon&Racz, Brussels, BE, 2018

Selected group exhibitions: Studio Confetti, Terrace Gallery, London, UK, 2021 (Forthcoming). Holding Hands, Union Gallery, London, UK / Musée Jurassien des Arts, Moutier, CH, 2021. Then&Now, Terrace Gallery, London, UK, 2020. La Nef, Le Noirmont, CH / Cantonale Bern Jura, Centre PasquArt, CH, 2019. 31 Degree Celsius, ASC Gallery, London, UK / Centre PasquArt, CH, 2017. Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, UK / Kunsthalle Bern, CH, 2015.

Selected Public collections: Government Art Collection, UK. Sammlung Art Collection, Stadt Bern, CH. Kunstsammlung, Post, CH. Goldsmiths Collection, London, UK. Museum für Medien und Kommunikation, Bern, CH. Hoffmann-La-Roche Collection, Basel, CH. Collection Hahnloser, Klinik im Spiegel, CH

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