We Ain't dED Yet

01 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 17 SEPTEMBER 2023
Dream Bigger (2021) Detail Zedsy Detail Glow in the dark feature ATAF'23 dedication Detail
Dream Bigger (2021)
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22. Zedsy

Dream Bigger

Screen print on paper, glow in the dark.
20 AP's + 120 edition.
Artwork for sale is 105/120.
Unframed dimensions: 67cm x 67cm.
Signed and numbered on recto, embossed and signed with ATAF'23 reference.
COA from artist upon acquisition.


Artist's Studio, UK, 2021
We ain't dED yet, Gallery 46, London, 2023


£500 - 800

This auction has now ended

We Ain't dED Yet (22/25)


“Graffiti artists and military personnel have a lot in common - we both spray our ammunition. But paint is a bit less deadly and can be used as a force for good.” - Zedsy 


The anonymous British artist Zedsy’s work has appeared at Banksy’s Dismaland and Tate Modern, yet little is known about the elusive street-art figure. Zedsy utilises a stencil aesthetic with spray and acrylic paint to produce murals, paintings, prints and ephemera.

Using imagery taken from pop culture, such as Disney characters or Andy Warhol’s 'Campbell’s Soup Can', Zedsy makes irreverent and satirical comments on contemporary life, consumerism and politics. The Campbell’s tomato soup can has a reduced-price sticker; Snow White is absorbed in her iPhone.

In 2022, Zedsy staged an intervention at The Louvre, installing an altered version of a Claude Monet painting titled 'Needle in a Haystack' in the galleries.


Monochrome, Urban Art Group Show at Limn Gallery, New Zealand, 2023

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