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01 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 17 SEPTEMBER 2023
Shattered Tree Trunk (Kharkiv Charcoal Ink) 2022
Shattered Tree Trunk (Kharkiv Charcoal Ink) 2022
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27. Piers Secunda

Shattered Tree Trunk (Kharkiv Charcoal Ink)

Kharkiv Charcoal on paper
21 x 30cm (Framed 43 x 53 x 5cm)

This drawing portrays a shattered tree trunk in the countryside in Ukraine in 2022, at the site of an attack by Ukranian soldiers against a Russian tank.

Gods of War. OHSH Projects, London 2022


Artist's Studio, 2022
We ain't dED yet, Art The Arms Fair, Gallery 46, London, 2023


£350 - 1,000

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We Ain't dED Yet (27/25)


Piers Secunda was born in London in 1976 and studied painting at Chelsea College of Art in London.

Piers’ works examines some of the most significant subjects of our time, such as the deliberate

destruction of culture in war time, with a particular focus since 2015 on ISIS in Iraq. His recent works

have been made with damage moulded in the Mosul Museum shortly after it’s liberation in 2018,

with the help of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture. In 2018 an exhibition of Piers’ work was used as a

diplomatic tool, to create ties between the Iraq Kurdish authorities and the Iraqi Mission to London.

These two groups had been at war in the Autumn of 2017.


“Alderney: The Holocaust on British Soil” Cromwell Place, London 2023 “Orange River” Sixty Six

Gallery, London 2023, “Nobody’s Listening” United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC 2023,

“And Yet We Rise: 20 Years of Remembrance and Reflection of September 11 th ”. American Embassy, London.

2021 “Owning the Past, Mesopotamia to Iraq” Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. 2020. Tribeca Film Festival 2021,

Piers Secunda “ISIS Paintings” University of Houston 2019,

Piers’ work is on permanent display at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and in the collections of the

Victoria and Albert Museum, The Iraq National Museum, Mosul Cultural Museum, Black Gold

Museum in Saudi Arabia, The Texas Energy Museum, University of Southern California, UNESCO,

Paris. And private collections internationally.

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