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Lucho Brieva

Balance 4

Copper and brass panels with a steel frame
Frame 160 x 65 cm, Feet 30 cm, Panel 50 x 50 cm
Created in 2018
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Wisdom and Nature (11/20)


“Behind each ancient and lasting civilisation, there has always been an understanding that the only world order in which human nature can happily exist, is the sacred order, the cosmological manifestation of ideal harmony and proportion.It is the responsibility of any creator to maintain, remind or even initiate others on the sacred harmonious and meaningful aspects of our universe. The opposite has shown a devastating lack of respect for life and an incapacity to construct meaningful lives.

The language of geometry, the principles of which are not of human invention but are discovered ready-made in nature, and the language of symbols, which have traditionally been used to transfer elements of perennial wisdom, are e!ective communication tools in the search for a profound connection with the world that we inhabit and our inner reality.

Each metal on earth represents a planet: the moon is represented by silver, the Sun by gold, Mars by iron... Each planet also represents a God or Goddess. In this particular piece, the artist uses the square at the centre of a larger square to symbolise the heart. The use of copper alludes to Venus which is also the planet of Venus the goddess of Love.

The four elements around the ‘heart’ represent realms that constitute the essence of human life, in Christian Esotericism. These are: the physical, the rational, the emotional and the spiritual. Neglecting any of the four would end in imbalance. Maintaining each of them would generate balance.”

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