You May Find Yourself...

02 JUNE 2023 - 23 JUNE 2023
Avenger Angel (2021)
Avenger Angel (2021)
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9. Jamie Reid

Avenger Angel

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You May Find Yourself... (9/96)


Avenging Angel is Jamie Reid’s appropriation of Titian’s Bacchus, with added phallus and molotov cocktail, taking revenge on the all encompassing threat of Global Capitalism.

This image is very much a perfect example off Reid’s lifelong stance against rampant corporate-fuelled destruction of our communities and of the planet itself.

This print is a hand-crafted photopolymer plate etching, printed full bleed in Ultra Black on Velin Arches Cream paper, with hand torn edging.


Measurements: 65 x 50 cm

Edition: 50 signed by the artist on the reverse

Date: 2021

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