Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring

26 APRIL 2021 - 17 MAY 2021
Andrey Valmus, From the series “Inner Consonance" I
Andrey Valmus, From the series “Inner Consonance" I
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34. Andrey Valmus

From the series “Inner Consonance" I

Signed (on the reverse)
Both 54 х 40 cm 
Created in 2021.
This artwork is an edition, 1/10.


£145 - 180

This auction has now ended

Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring (34/65)


The “INNER CONSONANCE” photo series explores the relationship between the physical capabilities of the body and the training of the mind. In the minimalistic space of the project, the flexibility of the models’ bodies is contrasted with the static nature of the inorganic items. Behind each graceful and seemingly easy movement, many hours of practice, physical exercise, and willpower are hidden.

Andrey Valmus is a student at Moscow's HSE Art and Design School.

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