Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring

26 APRIL 2021 - 17 MAY 2021
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31. exantres


Signed lower right
Gouache, pencil, pastel on paper
70 x 100 cm. 
Painted in 2021.


£350 - 600

This auction has now ended

Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring (31/65)


“I painted both Love and Spring in March while waiting for spring to arrive after such a long winter in Moscow. For me spring is always an inspiring time, it’s the start of something new, new feelings, new possibilities. In spring it’s easier to believe in magic. It’s my favourite time of year.” - exantres, 2021.

Education: Moscow Art and Industry Institute, Environmental Design. 6th festival of Young Art ART.WHO.ART, Moscow, 2016. 1st festival of young art ART.WHO.ART, Moscow, 2014, blazaar, 2020.
Solo Exhibition: 22’-22’, Boorom Gallery with Sample Gallery, Moscow, 2021.


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