Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring

26 APRIL 2021 - 17 MAY 2021
Madu Akhmedova, Praying Ritual 2
Madu Akhmedova, Praying Ritual 2
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11. Madu Akhmedova

Praying Ritual 2

Signed lower right
Acrylic on canvas
180 х 100 cm.
Painted in 2021.


£500 - 650

This auction has now ended

Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring (11/65)


This work is from the "Prayers" series. 

“While painting, I was thinking about saints and what holiness is in general. These images portray the process of prayer. The creatures depicted, whether alive or carved out of stone, are in a certain state of ritual and ceremony, they manifest the state of an enlightened mind with which they are trying to identify. These works are a reminder of the power of a person's word, the power of their faith in something.” - Madu Akhmedova, 2021.

Education: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, Media Design Department, 2018. Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. A. Rodchenko, 2020.
Exhibitions: Rooms 2.0 Project, We See Items, online, 2020. 8th Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, Moscow, 2020. Taste of paper, Winzavod/Tsvetnoy shopping centre, 2020. ASH (Art Space Hopping) dedicated to the non-obvious artistic life of Moscow with the support of the Museum of Moscow, 2020. ROSA LUX, Art-mansion WIP, Moscow, 2021.


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Madu Akhmedova	Praying Ritual 1
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