Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring

26 APRIL 2021 - 17 MAY 2021
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60. Lilliya Sharipova

River Usen. January 2020

Signed (on the reverse)
75 x 50 cm.
Created in 2020
This artwork is an edition, 1/5.


£150 - 200

This auction has now ended

Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring (60/65)


“This photo was taken during a visit to my home town of Tuymazy in rural Bashkortostan. It’s meant to feel like home, I spent a quarter of my childhood there but instead I usually feel alienated as I don’t speak the Tatar language like the majority of my relatives and do not share most of their views. But I do feel a bond with nature thanks to my grandparents who encouraged me to spend time outdoors when I was younger. I took this photo while exploring the frozen Usen River in the nearby village. The dead dry plants in the midst of the infinite blinding snowfield reminded me of the dying town in the middle of nowhere, of my loneliness there, and my weakening connection with my family.”

I use photography as a medium for my thoughts and emotions. I can’t always articulate what I feel so I turn to photography to communicate with the world. Currently, my works are rather introspective, I’m trying to navigate through adulthood and a growing separation from my family, and search for my place in an ever-changing world. Through my work I explore the connection of human sentiment and nature, beauty of accidental compositions, and the power of minimalistic visual forms". -  Lilliya Sharipova, 2020.

Lilliya Sharipova is a student at Moscow's HSE Art and Design School.

Education: HSE Art and Design School, Moscow, Photography,  2016-20
Exhibitions: Design NEXT, Moscow, 2018. Online Auction, HSE Art Gallery × SAMPLE, 2020


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