Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring

26 APRIL 2021 - 17 MAY 2021
Nadezda Kupriyanova	Wendingo
Nadezda Kupriyanova	Wendingo
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21. Nadezda Kupriyanova


Signed (on the reverse)
70 x 100 cm. 
Created in 2020.


£100 - 160

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Young Russian Artists: The Rite of Spring (21/65)


“This work is part of my “Wendingo” project, which is a series of photos about the spirit of the cannibal in the mythology of the indigenous Algonquin people from Eastern Canada. I took this picture in the summer 2020 in a Siberian forest near Krasnoyarsk”. - Nadezda Kupriyanova, 2020.

Nadezda Kupriyanova is a student at Moscow's HSE School of Art and Design. “I am inspired by nature, especially in connection to the human soul. I like to place people in unusual situations to show the truth.

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