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22 APRIL 2021 - 13 MAY 2021
Anna Choutova, Cyprus Plate #2, The Auction Collective
Anna Choutova, Cyprus Plate #2, The Auction Collective
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12. Anna Choutova

Cyprus Plate #2

Signed (on the reverse, lower right)
Oil on panel
18 x 13 cm.


£280 - 480

This auction has now ended

Bigger Pleasures (12/36)


“These works were painted on a self-initiated Cyprus residency. They belong to a series of works I created whilst trying to process and understand my own issues around control and impulsions, also while unsuccessfully trying to quit smoking. This fed its way into my process of painting, where each piece became its own puzzle to solve.” - Anna Choutova, 2021

Coming from an Eastern European background, then thrown into a Westernised upbringing in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Anna’s practice functions as a form of rose-tinted voyeurism into an idealised Western culture. The culture she was born into both fetishizes and demonizes American consumer culture - Anna’s practice reflects this duality. She approaches food, consumerism and addiction with a contemporary Pop Art vernacular.. She has put herself between Malevich and McCarthy and is on a mission to marry destitute bleakness with inconceivable excess in her practice.

Anna is the founder of Bad Art Presents. Bad Art Presents is a curatorial project aiming to challenge the contemporary art world through transgressive exhibitions that offer a different way of interacting with art. The shows are a reaction & protest against the white-walled gallery experience.

Anna Choutova (b.1993 Stockholm) is a visual artist and curator working in London, she is applying for the Bath Spa Fellowship


Education: MFA Painting Slade (ongoing), First Class BA Painting Brighton.

Awards: shortlisted New Contemporaries 2021, Chelsea Arts Club Scholarship 2020.

Anna is represented by Arusha Gallery, Director of Bad Art Presents, Curator of Safe as Milk Show Arusha.


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