Life on Venus III | The Organic, Timed Auction

08 FEBRUARY 2021 - 26 FEBRUARY 2021
Laura Pan, Poemetto I, The Auction Collective
Laura Pan, Poemetto I, The Auction Collective
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32. Laura Pan

Poemetto I

Oil, oil pastel, white varnish, pencil, blu string on canvas and cardboard 
21 x 15 cm. 
Created in 2020 


£50 - 300

This auction has now ended

Life on Venus III | The Organic, Timed Auction (32/106)


Laura Pan was born in Bolzano, Italy in 1995. Pan started her study at the Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia, Italy for then graduated in 2019 from the Film Falmouth University, England. Simultaneously at her study she continued to paint and in her last year of University she started to exhibit her paintings. 

Laura Pan’s pictorial act manifests itself as a symphonic crescendo of emotions projected on the canvas. Works that incarnate inner impulses define the intangible which ultimately finds material concretization. A pre-linguistic and pre-cultural plane is sought as the artist, in the role of the catalyst, explores the reverberations of the earth’s soul. Simultaneously proposing a regressive act during the early stage of its initial contact to the external and a demiurgic principle of visualization presenting an actual reality that would otherwise be confined to the realm of the possible, Pan’s primitivism is the fruit born from an exploration that connects topical points of twentieth century artistic research. 

An essential incipit is the investigation of Kandinskij, his 'all resonates', the deep, symbolic, and even spiritual combination of lines, shapes, and colours, to create an overall harmony of weights and counterweights imbued with ancestral references. Passing through Klee’s archetypic findings and on to the results of Abstract Expressionism, the artist’s works compound as the emanation of a line of abstraction that could be defined "lyrical", far from Constructivism’s and Neoplasticism’s rationalism of historical geometric abstraction. Pan proposes an instant representation of the unconscious of a world that causes everyone’s soul vibrate to the intimacy of their individual core, with a visual counterpart of the strength that only music is able to exert with such immediacy. 

The artist’s hand is guided from the depths in a sort of automatism that bans the binding Cartesian rationality, enabling art to be born from the spontaneity of a profound echo. The challenge is ambitious: to offer a key that opens the inaccessibility of what we can simply call emotion.

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