Paper | Scissors | Stone

An auction of works on paper, textiles and sculpture


Alon Zakaim Fine Art, 5-7 Dover St, W1S 4LD

7:00 PM

Curated in collaboration with Catie van Beuningen, we hosted an auction at Alon Zakaim Fine Art in Mayfair that celebrated the creativity of 22 contemporary artists and their unique approaches to working with paper, textile and sculpture. The group show created the opportunity for dialogue between the different textures, delicacies and forms of the artwork.

Starting prices ranged from £80 to £3,500 and as usual, to help make art auctions more affordable, there was no buyer’s commission.

The exhibition included a pop-up music gig with Sofar Sounds and culminated with the auction on the 8 November. The evening's auction saw 150 people come to the Mayfair gallery to buy artwork from the emerging, graduate and established artists. As a result, and thanks to the phone and absentee bidders, just under 70% of the artwork went to new art buyers and collectors across the U.K. and Europe. 

As ever, a huge thank you to our sponsors, partners, artists, buyers and bidders for making this possible.

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Artwork Enquiries

Tom Best
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Catie van Beuningen
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Demi Overton, Strand IV, The Auction Collective

1. Demi Overton

Strand IV

Estimate:£80 - 120

Work on Paper, 24 x 18cm
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Nadia Attura, Composition Green, The Auction Collective

2. Nadia Attura

Composition Green

Estimate:£220 - 320

Photograph, 45 x 45cm
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Eleonora Sher, Dolomiti S2, The Auction Collective

3. Eleonora Sher

Dolomiti Series II

Estimate:£250 - 450

Photo screen-print on thread, 50 x 56 x 5cm
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Benjamin Phillips, Attribution, The Auction Collective

4. Benjamin Phillips


Estimate:£450 - 650

Collage, 60 x 70 x 4cm
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Luke Eastop, Group III, The Auction Collective

5. Luke Eastop

Group III

Estimate:£1,200 - 1,800

Sculpture, 30 x 100cm
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Matt Jukes, Somewhere Through There, The Auction Collective

6. Matt Jukes

Somewhere through there

Estimate:£300 - 500

Monoprint, 73 x 53cm
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Elisabeth Lecourt, Ma Marche Vers Les Etoiles, The Auction Collective

7. Elisabeth Lecourt,

Ma Marche Vers Les Etoiles

Estimate:£2,000 - 4,000

Work on Paper, 84 x 59cm
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Melvyn Evans, Whitstable Harbour, The Auction Collective

8. Melvyn Evans

Whitstable Harbour

Estimate:£220 - 320

Linocut, 39 x 53cm
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Katie Spragg, Meadow, The Auction Collective

9. Katie Spragg


Estimate:£3,500 - 4,500

Sculpture, 22 x 30 x 22cm
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Demi Overton, Ledge II, The Auction Collective

10. Demi Overton

Ledge II

Estimate:£350 - 550

Work on Paper, 37 x 54cm
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Buckmaster French, Fagus, The Auction Collective

11. Buckmaster & French


Estimate:£1,000 - 1,500

Etching, 42 x 59cm
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Dennis Busch , It came to me, The Auction Collective

12. Dennis Busch

It came to me / Love came to me

Estimate:£450 - 650

Collage, 27 x 21cm
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Eleonora Sher, Dolomiti S2, The Auction Collective

13. Eleonora Sher

Dolomiti Series I

Estimate:£1,600 - 2,600

Photo screen-print on thread, 80 x 100 x 5cm
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Cath Riley, Envelope, The Auction Collective

14. Cath Riley


Estimate:£1,400 - 2,400

Drawing, 21 x 23cm
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The Deep End, DR.ME, The Auctin Collective

15. DR.ME

The Deep End

Estimate:£400 - 600

Collage, 94 x 44cm
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Tina Crawford, Bird Crap, The Auction Collective

16. Tina Crawford

Bird Crap

Estimate:£1,200 - 1,800

Textile, 70 x 106cm
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Isobel Napier, Untitled, The Auction Collective

17. Isobel Napier

Untitled (Photogram)

Estimate:£13,000 - 2,000

Photogram, 149 x 120cm
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John Taylor, Agent of Colour, The Auction Collective

18. John Taylor,

Agent of Colour

Estimate:£350 - 550

Collage, 45 x 40cm
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Debbie Lawson, White Stag, The Auction Collective

19. Debbie Lawson

White Stag

Estimate:£2,800 - 3,800

Textile, 200 x 140 x 34cm
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Matt Jukes, Take Me Home, The Auction Collective

20. Matt Jukes

Take Me Home

Estimate:£600 - 800

Monoprint, 73 x 53cm
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Guy Stevens, Little Grey Mouse, The Auction Collective

21. Guy Stevens

Light Grey Mouse

Estimate:£1,500 - 2,500

Sculpture, 8 x 20 x 18cm
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Maggie Williams, Phil Heath, The Auction Collective

22. Maggie Williams

Phil Heath

Estimate:£700 - 900

Textile, 20 x 20cm
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Tisna Westerhof, Costume Drama I, The Auction Collective

23. Tisna Westerhof

Costume Drama I

Estimate:£1,400 - 2,200

Textile, 160 x 100cm
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Adam Robinson, Circle 3, The Auction Collective

24. Adam Robinson

Circle 3

Estimate:£1,200 - 1,800

Work on Paper, 103 x 103cm
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Katie Spragg, Kathryn's Walk Turf, 2017, ©Sylvain-Deleu The Auction Collective

25. Katie Spragg

Kathryn’s Walk

Estimate:£400 - 600

Sculpture, 28 x 12 x 14cm
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26. Melvyn Evans

The Edge of the Sea

Estimate:£220 - 320

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Eleonora Sher, Hawaii Series, The Auction Collective

27. Eleonora Sher,

Hawaii Series

Estimate:£1,600 - 2,600

Photograph on thread,
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Tina Crawford, Queenie, The Auctoin Collective

28. Tina Crawford


Estimate:£200 - 300

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Luke Eastop, Blue Teal Bottle, The Auction Collective

29. Luke Eastop

Dark Teal Bottle

Estimate:£300 - 500

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Jeremias Altmann, Spray Nozzle 2D, The Auction Collective

30. Jeremias Altmann

Nozzle Box 2D

Estimate:£400 - 600

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31. Benjamin Phillips


Estimate:£300 - 400

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Maggie Williams, Dorian Yates, The Auction Collective

32. Maggie Williams

Dorian Yates

Estimate:£480 - 680

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John Taylor, Nine Collages, The Auction Collective

33. John Taylor

Nine Collages (Variant 10)

Estimate:£1,600 - 2,500

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Guy Stevens, Demi Dolly, The Auction Collective

34. Guy Stevens

Demi Dolly

Estimate:£1,200 - 1,800

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Tisna Westerhof, Europe Running Through My Veins II, The Auction Collective

35. Tisna Westerhof

Europe Running Through My Veins ll

Estimate:£600 - 800

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Demi Overton, Grand Canyon, The Auction Collective

36. Demi Overton

Grand Canyon, USA

Estimate:£350 - 550

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Dennis, Busch, Rainbow Light Body, The Auction Collective

37. Dennis Busch

Rainbow Light Body

Estimate:£450 - 650

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38. Nadia Attura

Cactus Pool

Estimate:£400 - 600

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