Studio Sale | Iain H Williams

26 JUNE 2022 - 11 JULY 2022
Iain.H.Williams, Polarity 3 2022 (1) Iain.H.Williams, Polarity 3 2022 (3) Iain.H.Williams, Polarity 3 2022 (2)
Iain.H.Williams, Polarity 3 2022 (1)
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11. Iain.H.Williams

Polarity 3

Signed & dated on the reverse of the painting.

Mixed media in clear resin on wood panel..

42cm x 29.7cm


Painted in 2022.


£240 - 380

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Iain H Williams (11/28)


Iain has steadily been making waves within the North of England and contributing to various shows and exhibitions along with the recent completion of a solo exhibition at the Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington.  He has created his own bold visual language and motifs, referencing urban links and contemporary imagery whilst setting his own style. Exploring the abstract image and mark-making within an expressionistic form.

His work moves between large scale raw canvas and works on paper combining textures, energetic marks and a deft use of colour, sometimes restrained, other times unrestricted and highly primal.  The most recent body of works have seen Iain exploring the use of negative space within his paintings to explore a more minimal sense of composition and dynamic.

This work was debuted as part of a series of works for the solo exhibition ‘/di’stil’ at the Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington, Feb-May 2022.  The collection of paintings, some new and some existing paid tribute to the galleries own collection of works and Tiffany glass and also brought in links to Accrington’s own urban identity.


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