50 x £50, 2021

17 NOVEMBER 2021
Emily Moore
Emily Moore
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48. Emily Moore


30 x 24 x 4 cm
Created in 2021


£50 - 500
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50 x £50, 2021 (48/49)


Emily Moore's studio practice sometimes takes the form of brush and paint to canvas; other times it is through yarn and weaving, or installation, play and performance. All is rooted in the notion exploration. One thing that is guaranteed is that there is no set pattern of actions in my studio. Everything is intuitive and bucks the system of the previous moves, or the surrounding current body of work. The constant thread that runs through my studio is a maker’s spirit. This constant evolution of reactive gestural mark making through different materials and mediums. To touch and manipulate a material or surface to find the "spirit" within, when making (to find the cabinet within the wood rather than impose the cabinet on the wood) to allow an idea to cross-pollinate or flow across materials (like a vine or ivy following the contours of a derelict building, but softening and changing its lines and form over time) to weave histories back on and through themselves to allow new forms to grow from chance collisions and different speeds of manipulation. Craft as an underlying language or unwritten voice of community that itself evolves through the act of making and passing on of skills–this is part of my ethos. This thought is very much entrenched in my experience as the Daughter of a French polisher whose speciality is the restoration of Antique furniture. The language from Antiquities has helped to form part of the foundation to my visual language. Helping to inform my knowledge and relationship to Art within its different periods in time, but also seeing and understating its position and relationship to today. " - Emily Moore, 2021



Education: Royal College of Art, Painting MA, Current.
Selected Group Shows: Tommorow: London, White Cube Gallery, London, UK, 2020. Final not over (Open Fields), Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK, 2020. Without a Painter, The Fitzrovia Gallery, London, UK, 2020. Snapshot, Hockney Gallery, London, UK, 2020. Work in Progress, Royal College of Art, UK, 2019.



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