Yoonjung Shim, Pianoforte Giant VIII, The Auction Collective Yoonjung Shim	Pianoforte Giant VIII, The Auction Collective Yoonjung Shim	Pianoforte Giant VIII, The Auction Collective
Yoonjung Shim, Pianoforte Giant VIII, The Auction Collective
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Yoonjung Shim

Pianoforte Giant VIII

Editioned (lower left), signed and dated (lower right) 
Etching on fine art paper
Sheet: 37 x 40 cm.
Framed 40 x 50 cm.
Created in 2020
This work is from an edition of 10 plus one artist's proof.
Framing option: Aluminium with oak veneer, behind glass, with acid-free window mount and backing mount. 
This work is sold with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. 

This auction has now ended

Abstract Etchings (17/18)


Yoonjung Shim’s work explores the aesthetic of abstract, conceptual, geometric compositions in etchings. 

With interests in architecture and spatial design, she portrays geometric patterns that we can encounter in our everyday lives. Inspired by the formal beauty of Brutalist architecture, she recreates the regularities of what appears to be a rippling facade. The inconsistent lines which form this geometric tessellation allude to the imperfections that we find in our urban scenes. Her works are often concerned with the depiction of various façades. She loves the subtle inconsistencies created by human strokes, which convey faint unevenness and originalities which differ from digital computerized graphics. By threading contemporary patterns into a very traditional medium,‘etching’, she creates an artistic fusion between past and present.

The Pianoforte series are tessellated line compositions. Coloured in soothing monotones, the work has a meditative effect.  Yoonjung Shim sees her work as harmonious created with a kind of musical geometry.

Yoonjung Shim (b. Seoul, South Korea) is a printmaker based in London.


Exhibitions: RA Summer Exhibition, 2014 & 2019.  National Original Print Exhibition in London 2016, 2017, 2018. Prize exhibition at RBSA in Birmingham, 2015. Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, 2018, 2019, 2020. New York International Miniature Print Exhibition in New York, 2017.  Her works have also been exhibited in Ireland, Spain and France.

Awards: London Print Studio award at Print City exhibition, Morley gallery.

Yoonjung has work in the V&A Museum print archives. Yoonjung is a member of Southbank Printmakers and Printmakers Council.

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