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20. Peter Evans

Full of 500s (Scratchcard painting #13)

Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Oil, oil stick and acrylic on wood panel 
63 x 52 cm.
Painted in 2018


£700 - 900
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Abstract: Reality (20/74)


Peter Evans is a multidisciplinary artist who’s practice is rooted in the use of found materials. Drawing inspiration from routine behaviour, social form and the everyday, Evans’ work examines the banality of our daily lives, reclaiming everyday objects to repurpose the unremarkable.

Both of the works exhibited in Abstract : Reality are created in London as part of a series of works inspired by the marks left on losing discarded National Lottery scratch cards. 

The re-use of everyday materials in a series of collages using appropriated fly posters attracted the attention of British luxury fashion house Burberry, who asked Evans to create a series of installations to coincide with their February 2018 Capsule Collection.

Along with group and solo UK shows Evans has also shown work in Rotterdam, Croatia and Paris. Other collaborations and associations include: Cubitt Gallery, the Stanley Kubrik Archive, Kolaj Magazine, Dateagle Art, Novelty Magazine, Susak Press, Sluice Art Fair, Franklin Furnace Book Collection, Lewis San Diego and Ahorn Books, Berlin.

In 2017 Evans’ self-published book Thinking of You, Post cards:1948-2015 was included in the Tate Library & Archive collection in London. Prior to this in 2015 he was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship Award at Chelsea College of Art, graduating from the MA Fine Art course in 2016.

Evans lives and works in London.

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