Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction - Curated by Lee Sharrock

23 FEBRUARY 2023 - 09 MARCH 2023
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68. Clémence Amette


Ink on Paper


A6 (10x15cm)

Original Artwork 

Signed on Verso

Curated by Lee Sharrock

This auction has now ended

Art on a Postcard International Women’s Day Auction - Curated by Lee Sharrock (68/70)



Clémence draws life, words, images that cross her head and heart. Her works seem to come directly from the diary that she began at a very young age, without knowing the basics of academic drawing. Here, she finds her expression, confiding her moods and questions, in sketches and texts. Today, it delivers a look at the everyday and the exceptional, like catchy slogans. Compulsive, she creates without constraint, without censorship. Intuitive, she plays with the accidents of life and graphics... and even frames her spots of white so that they can breathe. The result: an enormous dose of humanity, tenderness and sincerity in red and black, or blue, direct tones coated on grain papers with a thick and comforting touch. Clémence Amette does not seek to please. Clémence seeks the pleasure of ink and line, the association of a gesture and a sign. Her sensitivity was first introduced to words, then to images and concepts bequeathed by the poster designers of Russian revolutionary art, of Pollock's action painting, but not only, she also counts among her inspirations and masters, the automatic writing by Henri Michaux, acting by Cy Twombly, and photographic montages by Irving Penn.



Select Exhibitions/Awards 

• GALERIE AMELIE MAISON D’ART (2021-2022-2023) • FESTIVAL DU FILM DES ARCS (2018) • GALERIE EVA HOBER (2018) • le Marché noir (2017) • Galerie Studio C41 (2013) • Palais de Tokyo avec Nadège Winter (2012) • Colette avec Thomas Erber (2011) • Le Bon Marché «Esprit factory» (2010) • OFR (2008 et 2010)

Gallery Representation 


The works I have submitted revolve around women in various states of power, wonder, bliss and joy. These are all a combination of screen print, painting, spray paint, and collage. 


You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any works. In doing so, you endanger our relationships with artists, and directly jeopardise the charitable work we do. Anyone found doing so will be subject to legal action. 

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