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18 MARCH 2022 - 28 MARCH 2022
main fox fox 3  Camilla Dilshat
main fox
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33. Camilla Dilshat

Fox (Process Blue)

Etching print on Somerset paper
28.8 x 37.8 cm.
Printed in 2021.
This work is unique.


£100 - 200

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The fox is a beautiful creature: wild, misunderstood and also a spiritual figure in various cultures. Ultimately though, to me my fox protagonist is a survivor and I often depict it as such, battling with other animals and overcoming struggle. Here however, the animal wafting through a body of water is in a period of timelessness, stillness and reflection.

Camilla Dilshat is a multidisciplinary artist born and based in London (b.1998) and she is currently a student on the MA Fine Art course at City & Guilds of London Art School. Camilla’s works are a reaction to her diasporic experiences growing up as a British Uyghur. She addresses the visceral discomfort of feeling disconnected to an integral part of her identity through forming surreal narratives that engage with her own memories and insecurities. Worries surrounding inauthenticity blur with familiarity and deeper notions of home. For Camilla there is no resolving, just detaching, documenting and lying bare in therapeutic confrontation.

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