'Human' Nature

14 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 05 OCTOBER 2023
Unholy, 2023
Unholy, 2023
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4. Keisuke Azuma


Signed and dated (on the reverse)
Oil on canvas
100 x 80 cm
Painted in 2023


£1,700 - 2,500

This auction has now ended

'Human' Nature (4/11)


Keisuke Azuma is a London-based artist born in Osaka, Japan, whose practice reaches into the complex terrain of emotions and memories. Employing landscapes as his primary subject matter, Azuma creates works that are accessible to broad viewers, regardless of their familiarity with contemporary art. Through his use of the natural world and zen culture from his cultural background, Azuma invites viewers to explore their own inner states, opening up an infinite range of interpretations and meanings.

Azuma's work is grounded in his intuitive abstract expression, which he has developing while studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts. Surrounded by peers with diverse artistic practices, Azuma developed his skills and expanded his creative horizons, allowing his art to embrace diverse perspectives.

Education: Chelsea College of Arts 2021-present

Award: New Futures Award 2023

Recent shows: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022, The Other Art Fair 2023


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