'Human' Nature

14 SEPTEMBER 2023 - 05 OCTOBER 2023
Vetruviana II Vetruviana
Vetruviana II
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2. Lucrezia Abatzoglu


Signed on reverse
Charcoal on Muslim Cotton 
60 x 30 cm
Painted in 2023.
This work is unique.


£1,000 - 2,000

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'Human' Nature (2/11)


Lucrezia Abatzoglu’s works incorporate themes of containment, adaptation and femininity, while intriguingly weaving them with the symbolism of water, establishing a profound interconnectedness in our existence.  

Lucrezia’s approach, presents captivating and spontaneous variations of figures in both expanded or confined frame structures, provoking contemplation on the self-imposed limitations we encounter and the potential for liberation from such boundaries.  


Education  | MFA – Camberwell College of Arts 2022 – 2023 
                   | CC – Turps Correspondence Course 2020 – 2021 
                   | BA – Accademia di Costume e Moda 2012 – 2016 

Recent Exhibitions:  
2023 UAL Summer Show Camberwell College of Arts, London UK. 2023 RBA Rising Stars, Royal Society of British Artists, London, UK. 2023 UAL Spectrum Bargehouse Gallery, London, UK. 2022 UAL Forces of the Small, Filet Space, London, UK. 2022 RI, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Mall Gallery, London, UK. 2022 Visionary Projects, together – Somewhere, New York, US. 2020 Prisma Art Prize, Rome, IT. Her work was also featured in Artit Net newspaper and Art Hole book. 2023 Shortlisted for the ACS studio prize.

Website: https://www.lucreziaabatzoglu.com/
Instagram: @lucrezia_abatzoglu

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