Life on Venus | The Landscape, Live Auction

14 DECEMBER 2020
The Tub Hackney Live Streamed Auction
Kim Booker The Auction Collective
Kim Booker The Auction Collective
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24. Kim Booker

Self Portrait on Venus

21 x 15 cm.
Created in 2020


£50 - 300
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Life on Venus | The Landscape, Live Auction (24/30)


"I work predominantly from the figure, referencing art history, vintage erotica and the life model interchangeably, often with a wry or subversive undertone. My paintings evolve through a process of trial and error, painting and repainting until I think the picture is a complete thing in itself, so that it is working at a formal level but also has a certain feeling or atmosphere, and an element of ambiguity in the image.

I see my works on paper very much as works in themselves, though they often form a basis for larger works on canvas. I am resistant to any form of preconceived end result and my work is very intuitive. Painting, for me, is about understanding what it is I am in dialogue with - in terms of my source material and also the process of painting. I begin with a vague idea of colour or an image I want to reference, but this very quickly evolves as the painting takes over and I become an instrument of the painting itself."

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