Rhythm Adjust

21 MAY 2021 - 11 JUNE 2021
The Auction Collective Zanny Mellor, Drawing Breath 2, The Auction Collective Zanny Mellor, Drawing Breath 2, The Auction Collective Zanny Mellor, Drawing Breath 2, The Auction Collective Zanny Mellor, Drawing Breath 2, The Auction Collective
The Auction Collective
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8. Zanny Mellor

Drawing Breath 2

Signed and dated on reverse
Acrylic on cotton canvas
40 x 30 x 2 cm. 
Created in 2021 


£500 - 750

This auction has now ended

Rhythm Adjust (8/37)


"As the Covid-19 virus swept into our lives, I began to think of the collective breath of the nation and suddenly breath became the sole subject that connected us all globally. Breathing is something so vital and yet so overlooked as an autonomous process that happens within the body without you having to actively think about doing it. I am interested in breath as something constant yet momentary, something wave-like that ebbs and flows and the lungs as site of exchange; a place of constant renewal and detoxification.

Drawing Breath 2 is from a new series of artworks that explore the rhythmic movements of breath, through a graphic abstract approach to painting the bodily structures and processes that make this happen" - Zanny Mellor, 2021

Zanny Mellor’s abstract artwork addresses energy, space, light and time through minimalist and gestural forms. Working across painting, collage, alternative photography and installation, she explores a sense of impermanence and transformation by comparing timeframes within the body, mind and landscape.

Her tempered gestural and abstract language varies between bold and high contrast, to more subtle approaches with tonal gradients. The paint is repetitively added and removed, seeming to ebb and flow in slowly built layers or removed at speed. Mark-making is intuitive and deliberate, where fluidity creates a tension between control and chance that energises the painting experience.

The multi-exposure paintings made in the darkroom use light as an agent to capture the shadows of brief, gestural movements of paint which are fixed within the surface of photographic paper. Moments are layered in repetitive passes to create dense mark-making and each photogram print is ultimately unique. Projects in three dimensions playfully bridge a gap between photography and painting and create exciting sensory viewing experiences.

More recently there is return to colour and a shift into collage as a visual expression and reaction to the un-colourful life experienced during periods of lockdown. They are a representation of the positive energy normally generated and shared by our daily relationships and interactions, which have of course been subdued.


Education:  MA Fine Art, Distinction, City & Guilds of London Art School, 2015. Illustration BA Hons, University of the West of England, Bristol, 2009. Foundation in Art & Design, City College Brighton, 2006.

Recent exhibitions and projects include Enter the Abstract with The Auction Collective, group show Render Permanent at Lewisham Arthouse, Abstract Reality at Saatchi Gallery, Salon 19 at Photofusion and The Shape of Light, a collaborative residency and installation project at Lumen Studios. 

Zanny is co-curating Rhythm Adjust with Hannah Payne as part of The Breath Project, a creative community exploring health and wellbeing.

Zanny's work is held in private collections in the UK, Europe, South Africa, UAE and Australia.


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