Studio Sale | Kristina Chan

17 JANUARY 2022 - 09 FEBRUARY 2022
Leith Theatre 2
Leith Theatre 2
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10. Kristina Chan

Leith Theatre 2

Laser-engraved woodcut

45 x 84 cm (dimensions approximate)

Edition of 5



This work is framed.


£650 - 800

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Kristina Chan (10/22)


Leith Theatre was created for the 4th Edition Hidden Door Arts Festival, at the Leith Citadel Theatre on 26th May, 2017.  

The 1920s art deco theatre laid empty and abandoned until now, where it will reopen its doors to the public for the first time in three decades. The theatre’s air is cold and still, as if in wait.  Its windows boarded up and sealed, decaying inward. There are footprints in the dust, fossilised and decades old, unearthed. The site is waiting, arresting breaths in time.  Then a pigeon disturbs the rafters and you are reminded of the present.

This work is a reflection upon the theatre’s cultural history, of printmaking, and of the city itself. It serves as an homage to the once-abandoned Leith Citadel Theatre: its resurrection from dereliction to once again take centre stage, both metaphorically and literally, to today’s emerging artists.

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