Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor

17 JANUARY 2022 - 10 FEBRUARY 2022
Zanny Mellor, Ablation Experiment 1 Zanny Mellor, Ablation Experiment 1 framed
Zanny Mellor, Ablation Experiment 1
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3. Zanny Mellor

Ablation Experiment 1

Limited edition digital C-type print 
Edition of 15
12.7 x 17.8cm (unframed)


£160 - 240

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Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor (3/18)


Much like the Memory Ablation painting series, these photographic prints are a material investigation of the glaciated landscapes of Patagonia; echoing the movement of sediment and water through the mountains, from storage within the architecture of a glacier, then distributed throughout the landscape in its journey as a river. Comparing the glacier to the mind and it’s ability for memory storage; memories of these landscapes are stored, suspended and shared through the visual record of the painting.

Ablation Experiment I & II were made by freezing pigments suspended in water and photographing the slow and imperceptible thaw process. Zanny captured these mesmerising images to document the material in a state of transformation, examine the fluidity of material and experience and play with the boundaries between mediums of painting and photography.

See artworks Memory Ablation I and III for more details.

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