Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor

17 JANUARY 2022 - 10 FEBRUARY 2022
Zanny Mellor Memory Ablation III Image 1 Zanny Mellor, Memory Ablation III detail image 3 Zanny Mellor Memory Ablation III image 2 Zanny Mellor, Memory Ablation III image 4
Zanny Mellor Memory Ablation III Image 1
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2. Zanny Mellor

Memory Ablation III

Acrylic on cotton canvas
120 x 120 x 8 cm 


£2,400 - 3,600

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Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor (2/18)


In spring 2013 Zanny travelled through South America to discover the glaciated landscapes of Patagonia. This series was a turning point in her practice, where the process of painting became central to her methods of making and she turned fully towards abstraction.

The Memory Ablation paintings echo the movement of sediment and water through the hydrological system, from storage within the architecture of a glacier, to distributing it throughout the landscape in its journey as a river. Comparing the glacier to the mind and it’s ability for memory storage; memories of these landscapes are stored, suspended and shared through the visual record of the painting.

Zanny experimented with speeds of flow, texture and the density of the pigments and mediums moving across the territory of the canvas, in a process that was open to chance and where the final outcome could not be predetermined.

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