Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor

17 JANUARY 2022 - 10 FEBRUARY 2022
Zanny Mellor Evade Image 1 Zanny Mellor Evade Image 2
Zanny Mellor Evade Image 1
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6. Zanny Mellor


Acrylic and graphite on board
40 x 30 cm


£480 - 700

This auction has now ended

Studio Sale | Zanny Mellor (6/18)


Evade was inspired by constantly changing climatic conditions the artist experienced travelling in Iceland. Similar to the Afterimage series, this painting aims to generate an active viewing experience where a viewer is denied any sold shapes for their eye to settle one.

Acrylic paint has been applied in loose and playful gestures, left to set for a few minutes before being wiped away and partially removed. The process of painting here seems to ebb and flow, paint is added and removed in repetitive motions, creating a subtle surface of vaporous layers that are neither present or absent, but always in motion.

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