Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction

20 FEBRUARY 2022 - 09 MARCH 2022
Amour, oil on canvas
Amour, oil on canvas
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54. Adam Baker


Oil on Canvas
90cm by 90cm



£800 - 1,200

This auction has now ended

Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction (54/54)


'Amour' is an oil painting by London-based artist Adam Baker. His work relates to his own experiences and memories as a gay man, and further explores intimacy and interpersonal relationships within the LGBTIQ community.

The figures in the painting, a gay couple, are both contemporary dancers. Clinging to each other, they form a protective huddle, embodying the need for protection and unity. The merging of the figures creates geometric shapes, which transform the two figures into a singular entity. 

Donated by Adam Baker

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