Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction

20 FEBRUARY 2022 - 09 MARCH 2022
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36. Bruce Denny


45cm x 60cm x 30cm
Edition 1 of 6


£10,000 - 11,000

This auction has now ended

Terrence Higgins Trust - 2022, Timed Auction (36/54)


Born in 1967 in Suffolk, Bruce Denny spent his youth making things out of anything he could lay his hands on. He is both fascinated by the way things work and their form and structure, by art and science. Now London-based, Denny’s figurative sculpture describes his love of the human form and function.

Inquisitive is part of a series of bronze sculptures that combine introspection with communication, asking questions of the self that are both timeless and generous.

Denny says of the piece: ‘Those who show an interest in others will always find plenty of opportunity for interaction. The danger is, this can all too frequently become one way, and we can find ourselves to be a bit of a crutch for everybody else’s problems. Be a good listener and ask open questions to bring people out of themselves, but remember to give of yourself too.’

Donated by Bruce Denny



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