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04 NOVEMBER 2020
Stanley Dunwood 04 043 Lowres Stanley Donwood, The Auction Collective Stanley Dunwood 05 046 Lowres Stanley Dunwood 03 040 Lowres Stanley Dunwood 01 027 Lowres Stanley Dunwood 02 038 Lowres
Stanley Dunwood 04 043 Lowres
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12. Stanley Donwood

A Collection of Five Etchings

Each: signed and dated '2007' (lower right); numbered ‘30/33’ (lower left)
Five photographic copperplate etchings on Moulin de Gue paper (unframed)
Each: 56 x 76cm 
Each: Number 30 from an edition of 33
Created in 2007


£4,000 - 6,000
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The Big Issue, The Big Art Auction (12/16)


Please note this lot includes five different prints.

These five etchings titled Glass House Disaster, Meteor, Prime Residential, Air Lock, and Cleft Mall were created while Stanley Donwood was making the artwork for Radiohead’s 2007 record ‘In Rainbows’. They were the result of his reading several depressing books about societal collapse, a possible future that unfortunately seems equally, if not more relevant 13 years later.

These prints were editioned at St Barnabas Press in Cambridge, and were exhibited at Steve Lazarides’ gallery in Soho under the title ‘If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now’ which was the slogan on a billboard outside a very depressing-looking new-build suburb outside Los Angeles.

Stanley Donwood is an artist and writer. He is best known for his association with Radiohead and has made all their artwork since 1994. His monograph, There Will Be No Quiet, was published by Thames & Hudson. His latest book, Bad Island, was published by Penguin. He has had a website for a very long time now, and despite being an early adopter of the internet he is now woefully out of date, old-fashioned and ignorant of upcoming trends.

His other projects include an early ‘cyber conference’, depressing flyposters, writing short stories and a pulp-noir-thriller, setting up a record company, designing book covers for JG Ballard’s novels, art directing a film about nuclear weapons, making the artwork for Glastonbury Festival, a book about holloways with Robert Macfarlane, art installations in Bristol, London, the Netherlands and Sydney, as well as exhibitions worldwide.

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