The Hands Up Foundation Fundraiser Curated by Cramer & Bell

20 MARCH 2023 - 31 MARCH 2023
Shelter, Daisy Cook In situ
Shelter, Daisy Cook
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45. Daisy Cook


Oil on board
24 x 18cm 
Framed - 40 x 34cm
This work is unique.


£1,850 - 2,000

This auction has now ended

The Hands Up Foundation Fundraiser Curated by Cramer & Bell (45/72)


Daisy Cook is a British painter of landscape and still life.

Cook creates abstracted paintings that take landscape as their subject without being explicitly topographical or descriptive. In fact, the meeting points of land, sea and sky have long been a focus for her. There is a subtlety of surface and depth, texture and light. Her landscapes are quiet and contemplative interpretations of natural environments and her interiors are equally as experiential, created by dragging, dripping and pouring oil paint that is rich in earth pigments. In all her work, Cook looks for new methods to build tensions between shapes, with the paintings made slowly and revealing themselves over time. Some areas are ambiguous and veiled, others clear and sharp. The experience of motherhood, ‘the most tender thing I’ve ever felt’, has undoubtedly fed into her work, as well as having focused and polarized her studio activity.

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