The Sixteen Trust

01 DECEMBER 2021 - 16 DECEMBER 2021
Dan Baldwin Dan Baldwin
Dan Baldwin
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3. Dan Baldwin

Imaginary Paradise

Dan Baldwin
Imaginary paradise
Monochrome 4 layer silkscreen
120 x 100cm



£2,200 - 3,000

This auction has now ended

The Sixteen Trust (3/19)


Born in Manchester in 1972, Dan Baldwin is known for his vibrant style that blends the abstract and the figurative to create bold and vibrant pieces of art. Recognised as one of the leading figures in the Young British Artist movement, since early on in his career Dan has been established globally. Reflecting reality and imagination, Dan’s works are manifestations of his own mind, integrated with themes of love, memory, politics and psychological wonderings. Taking inspiration from everything, Dan’s work includes references to Pop Art as well as traditional Dutch painting.

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